Cost of living USA


The cost factor
In case of the US, although the programs are considered expensive, there are plenty of scholarships for bright students who manage to score high in SAT. The estimated average cost of a programs in the US is US$20,000 (tuition plus living expenses) but it also depends on the location of the college. Some colleges are residential especially for the freshman class. In general, all US institutions offer on-campus as well as off-campus housing.

Cost of living

The cost structure also varies from state to state, type of university and course of study. Universities in US are divided into two categories:
• Public/ State Institutions
• Private Institutions

Depending upon in which university you are studying.
• $15000 to $30000 approximately per year for private universities.
• USD10000 to USD20000 approximately per year for public universities.
• $8000 to $12000 approximately per year for community colleges.
Hence, the average cost of studying in US varies from USD5, 000 to USD50, 000 approximately per year depending upon the course. The cost of education in US is high for MBA and Medicine courses in comparison to engineering courses.

Cost of living
The cost of living in US also depends upon types of accommodation you choose and your daily expenses. You can opt for Dormitories, Campus Apartments, Off Campus accommodation and Home stay (living with a host family). You might end up paying $3500 to $6000 approximately per semester for Dormitories, USD400– USD700 approximately per month while living with a host family, $400 approximately per month for shared campus apartment, $800 approximately per month for single campus apartment and USD300 to USD600 approximately per month for a rented apartment. You should keep additional $1000 to $2000, if you are planning to stay in dormitory as it might be closed during vacations. Apart from accommodation, your living expenses will also include cost of food, groceries, clothing, sundry and phone. The cost of living in US might vary from $10,000 to $12,000 approximately per year.

Health insurance
Even as a student, you should take medical or health insurance as medical treatment is quite expensive in US. While studying in US, it is compulsory to have a comprehensive health insurance. The cost of medical insurance will be from $300 to $500 approximately per year. However, cost of education in US is high and to cut it down you can opt for financial assistance offered by various universities as scholarships and fellowships.

Scholarships in USA
Indian students looking for USA scholarships in order to study abroad may apply to the subsequent associations and trusts, Indian plus International, USA scholarships for Indians or fellowships as the case may be most of these programs are either need-based, merit based or a mix of both.

Permitted working hours
You will be allowed to work 20 hours a week on campus for the first nine months. After this you can work off campus and during vacation, you can work up to 40 hours a week.

Student visa:
Your visa is valid as long as you maintain full-time student status. And the myth that the visa interview is a tough hurdle is not quite true.

Job opportunities:
All foreign students including Indian are eligible to work in the US for at least a year after completing their academic programs. This is called the "Optional Practical Training (OPT)" program and you can take it up while being on a F1 student visa. The Career and Placement offices in the universities help by offering support services such as assistance in resume preparation, counseling on career choices etc.

The country welcomes everyone from everywhere and gives ample opportunities and space for one to grow. USA has always been the ultimate destination for Indians looking job abroad from ages. Around 30% of the workforce in USA is Indian citizens. As the world power, the US is a haven for a person who is planning to make it big in the world. It is the nucleus of world economy’s cycle.



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