Application Procedure


Application docket:
US universities usually provide a checklist of all that needs to be included in an application packet. Follow these instructions. Include a cover note detailing what is enclosed and the order of the documents. If a specific document, which is in the checklist, is not enclosed, the cover note must explain why it is not there and approximately by what date it will be dispatched.

Statement of Purpose (SoP)/ College Essay
The SoP or the essay should tell the admission committee who you are, what sets you apart from the rest, how clear your goals are, an objective assessment of your expectations and the school’s strengths and whether the two complement each other and so on.

Standardised test scores :
There are no qualifying tests in the strict sense but general requirements are:

All students are advised to take the TOEFL test to demonstrate adequate proficiency in English
For UG students — SAT I is more or less mandatory and SAT II (subject tests) are required by selective schools and programs and are also useful when you are applying for financial aid.
graduate students in non-professional fields: GRE A-GRE (subject Tests,, TSE (Test of Spoken English, and GMAT (Business Studies,



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