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The University of Advancing Technology delivers collegiate education and research in a variety of technology areas. UAT is a small, private college for techno-geeks. Our mission is to educate students in the fields of advancing technology to become innovators of the future. UAT is a traditional academy, but because we are also a technology college, we offer a fully technology-infused, urban campus environment, and we offer academic programs in advancing technology fields such as Artificial Life Programming, Game Development, Network Security, and Robotics and Embedded Systems.

The combined elements of the traditional academy and the technology university result in a geek-friendly university that is an ideal environment for a particular type of student who values inclusiveness and who seeks out resources and facilities that enable them to learn in the forward-thinking, techno-centric manner they are accustomed to in a place that magnifies their learning strengths.
















Location & Facilities

UAT offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in 20 areas of concentration.
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Master of Science
UAT has developed a vibrant, multifaceted academic environment with a synchronic learning model where students are challenged to explore new and traditional concepts, and to independently and collaboratively practice what they learn in real-world situations to acheive their full potential. UAT academic programs result in Associate, Bachelor or Master degrees.UAT currently offers Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. There are 20 different undergraduate majors and 5 areas of study at the graduate level, with focus on technology innovation, video game design and programming, digital media, robotics, cyber security, and computer science.
General Education All undergraduate programs at UAT incorporate general education. General education courses create graduates who can place their technologies within appropriate world contexts and provide a meaningful link between an emerging technology and the society it will serve.

As an institution, UAT is dedicated to planning, implementing and sharing its research with others in technology and academia. The UAT research centres operate within UAT to further knowledge creation, to foster institutional and community awareness, and to improve initiatives in their focal areas. Additionally, each research centre acts to publish works to the broader community through a variety of channels (technology journals, online journals, conference papers and others)
• The Centre for Technology Studies
• The Centre for Learning Experience
• The Centre for Institutional Research
• The Centre for Information Assurance Education
The University Of Advancing Technology (UAT) delivers collegiate education and research in a variety of technology areas. UAT's academic programs are offered in a Year Round Balanced Learning environment in arts and sciences, which means that students attend year-round. UAT academic programs result in Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's degrees. UAT offers 14 undergraduate majors and 5 areas of emphasis at the graduate level:
Bachelor of Arts
• Digital Media
• Digital Video
• Game Art and Animation
• Game Design
• Serious Games and Simulation
• Virtual Modeling and Design

Bachelor of Science
• Advancing Computer Science
• Artificial Life Programming
• Enterprise Software Development
• Game Programming
• Human Computer Interaction
• Network Engineering
• Network Security
• Robotics and Embedded Systems
• Strategic Technology Development
• Technology Forensics
• Technology Product Design
• Technology Studies
• Web and Social Media Technologies
• Open Source Technologies

Master of Science • Advancing Computer Science
• Emerging Technologies
• Game Production and Management
• Information Assurance
• Technology Leadership

UAT Faculty
UAT's amazing faculty body are thinkers, teachers, technological gurus, industry experts and student mentors. They are a group governed by their passion for technology, their students and their own academic and professional growth. Take a second to meet our featured faculty.






















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The College of Arts and Sciences, the Davis College of Business and the College of Fine Arts conduct JU’s traditional undergraduate and graduate academic programs. Offering more than 40 majors, the University confers the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education. Pre-professional studies are available for students interested in dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

Dual-degree engineering programs also are offered in cooperation with Columbia University, Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Florida, the University of Miami, Washington University in St. Louis, Mercer University, and Stevens Institute of Technology. The Aviation Program is offered in cooperation with Delta Connection Academy, owned and operated by Delta Air Lines.

Courses Offered

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Enrollment deadline: Within 30 days of notification of an award Summer 2011 Semester
Semester: May 9 - August 19, 2011
Orientation: May 5
Midterm Break: July 1-4

Fall 2011 Semester
Semester: September 6 - December 21
Orientation: August 31- September 2
Midterm Break: October 28-30

Spring 2012 Semester
Semester: January 9 - April 27
Midterm Break: March 12 - 16

Summer 2012 Semester
Semester: May 7 - August 17
Midterm Break: July 2 - 4

Fall 2012 Semester
Semester: September 4 - December 19
Midterm Break: October 19 - 21

Major intake is on spring





















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