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Tiffin University is a private coeducational university in Tiffin, Ohio, United State founded in 1888. Tiffin University has successfully educated students for productive and satisfying lives of leadership, excellence, and service. Generations of Tiffin graduates have made positive contributions to their families, communities, and professions. Tiffin University has an excellent reputation, a variety of strong academic programs and co-curricular activities, attractive facilities, caring and competent faculty and staff members, outstanding students, and a friendly, personal environment where students come first. e. Their athletics team name is the "Dragons."
















Location & Facilities

Tiffin is a private, coeducational university located in Tiffin, Ohio, on a small but growing campus that offers students a safe, friendly place to pursue their dreams. The vibrant 110-acre campus in north central Ohio features both historic red brick and sandstone buildings that date back to the 1880s as well as newer facilities such as the dynamic Hertzer Technology Center and The Hayes Center for the Arts.
Students have access to some of the best undergraduate, graduate, and degree completion programs and can decide whether to pursue their degree on campus, online, or enjoy a little bit of both. Some of our most popular programs, many of which are nationally recognized, include homeland security/terrorism; sports and recreation management; communication; and business management, to name a few.






















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Tiffin University offers Associate’s Degree programs for many types of degree seeking students through Tiffin University.

Associate of Arts
General Studies - The focus of the Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies is to produce graduates who will continue their education at a four-year institution. The course offerings were designed to maximize the transferability of academic credits which will be used to meet general education and elective requirements at colleges and universities throughout the country and around the world. This completely online program is offered through Tiffin University.

Associate of Business Administration
Accounting The Accounting major places an emphasis on versatility. You learn skills that will enable you to pursue not only short-term, entry-level positions, but also long-term career paths that are often beyond the field of accounting. Students completing this degree will develop the problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills necessary to the dynamic decision-making process demanded by a competitive working environment.
Business This program offers students a variety of business fundamentals and knowledge upon which to build a career in business. The program takes the approach of total development of the individual, placing emphasis on personal as well as professional growth. It prepares you for both a business career and a baccalaureate program. You will develop the managerial problem solving and strategic thinking skills that will help you become a leader.
Computer and Information Technology TThe Computer and Information Technology major is designed for students who wish to work with all facets of an organization, from technology to people. The curriculum blends technology, software, programming, business theory and practice, while emphasizing the application of computers and technology in the business organization.
Health Administration - The Healthcare Administration major is only available online through the Associate Degree Program and is designed to provide you with the skills and competencies necessary for managing in the 21st Century. This program takes the approach of total development of the individual, placing emphasis on personal and professional growth.

Associate of Criminal Justice
Law Enforcement - The Law Enforcement major provides you with the necessary foundation for successful employment and practice. You will receive an innovative academic and practical education in the law, the behavioral sciences, and the political process. Through rigorous class preparation and learning experiences, law enforcement majors obtain the necessary inquiry, practice, and interpersonal skills that prepare them for law enforcement careers and continuous learning in their personal and professional lives.

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