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New York Film Academy - School of Film and Acting (NYFA) is an international film school and acting school based in New York City. The NY Film Academy was founded in 1992 by Jerry Sherlock, a former film, television and theatre producer. The New York Film Academy's philosophy is based on a "learning by doing" approach with intensive, hands-on training. NYFA founder Jerry Sherlock explained to the New York Times in 2005 that he opened the school after learning from parents and older relatives of aspiring young filmmakers that they needed practical experience.
















Location & Facilities

The University’s Los Angeles campus is situated at Universal Studios. Students receive intensive training from award-winning faculty on using professional and equipment right from the first day of classes, thus preparing them for a career in motion picture and entertainment industries. NYFA offers master's, bachelor's, and associate's degrees, as well as one and two year conservatory programs and short-term workshops in filmmaking, acting for film, photography, 3D animation, game design, producing, screenwriting, digital filmmaking, cinematography, documentary, broadcast journalism, musical theatre, music video and digital editing programs at various locations throughout the world.






















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Acting, Filmmaking, Broadcast Journalism, Producing for Film and T.V., Screenwriting, Documentary Filmmaking and Cinematography. NYFA's programs include film directing, film producing, screenwriting, cinematography, film editing, documentary filmmaking and courses in acting. In 2007 NYFA partnered with NBC News to start a program in digital journalism. In 2010 the contract between NYFA and NBC expired, but the Broadcast Journalism programs at NYFA continue to be offered with many of the original faculty. The NYFA Degree Programs, Workshops and Short-term courses are held in the following locations:
New York City*
Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California*
Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts
Disney Studios, Orlando, Florida
South Beach, Florida
Florence, Italy
Paris, France
Mumbai, India
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Moscow, Russia
Seoul, Korea

Courses Offered

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Compared to other Universities, the Academy offers significantly reduced degree program fees, making your time at university in America more affordable. If your application in the University is successful, you will be eligible for international student discounted prices. The financial benefits include reduced tuition fees throughout your degree, and ESL Transition Program if applicable.




















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