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Monterey is also known as “The Language Capital of the World” owing to the presence of the Monterey Institute and its educational neighbor up the street, the Defense Language Institute, which is the U.S. Armed Force’s language training facility. Additionally, the Naval Postgraduate School, a military officer training institution, California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), and the nearby Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) all contribute to an enriching educational environment, often finding ways to share resources to strengthen the Monterey Institute’s offerings. Several well-known foreign language and communication businesses are established in Monterey including Language Line Services, Media locate USA, Inc., and China Education Resources, Inc.
















Location & Facilities

The Monterey Institute is located on the scenic Monterey Peninsula, 130 miles (210 km) south of San Francisco and 345 miles (555 km) north of Los Angeles. The Institute's campus setting is conveniently located walking distance from downtown Monterey. Many students walk or ride their bicycles in this small, safe community of 30,000 people. Learning in Monterey
The Monterey Institute of International Studies is different in its approach and strategic in its location. As the premier graduate learning institution in international policy studies and language education, the intimate setting of Monterey, California provides a focused learning atmosphere that is conducive to building personal and professional relationships among colleagues that will last a lifetime.
About one third of the 700 students are from foreign countries and nearly all the Americans enrolled at the institute have lived, worked or studied abroad, in such programs as the Peace Corps, AFS Intercultural Programs or Rotary International.






















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Bradley University is organized into the following colleges and schools:

Undergraduate colleges
College of Education and Health Sciences
Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Foster College of Business Administration
Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts
Students without a declared major may also be admitted to the Academic Exploration Program (AEP).

Graduate school
Through its Graduate School, Bradley University offers Masters level graduate degrees in five of its colleges: business, communication and fine arts, education and health sciences, engineering, and liberal arts and sciences. Each has its own hourly requirements and varies in completion time. The program of physical therapy offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

Courses Offered

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The Career Office at the Institute continuously monitors the global marketplace and utilizes its worldwide alumni network to maintain up-to-date databases of internship opportunities and job openings for current students and graduates.
The Graduate School of International Policy Management (GSIPM) at the Monterey Institute offers an International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) during the spring semester. The centerpiece of the IPSS is a six-month assignment as a junior staff member in an international organization, either inter-government or non-governmental.
Since the IPSS program's inception in 2002, more than 100 students have served in over 90 organizations. Such as, The United Nations, World Trade Organization, Save the children London England, Academy for Education Development, etc.









































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