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Missouri University of Science and Technology, formerly known as the University of Missouri–Rolla and originally Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy is an institution of higher learning located in Rolla, Missouri, United States. It was the first technological institution west of the Mississippi. The school has gone through several name changes during its history, and it was in 2008 that it changed its name from the University of Missouri-Rolla. The school's home of Rolla, Missouri, is a small and safe city surrounded by the Ozarks. The school is known for its repeated success in national engineering design competitions and its century-long tradition of aggrandized celebrations surrounding Saint Patrick's Day.
















Location & Facilities

Rolla is located about 100 miles from, Saint Louis, Springfield and the, Lake of the Ozarks There are more than 25 public parks covering more than 235 acres across the city. And Rolla has a 63,000-square-foot water park and adjoining fitness and recreation center. MST has various housing facilities with single/double and deluxe suites and two- bedroom apartments to choose from. It also provides amenities like wireless internet, recreation rooms, T.V lounge, Laundry facilities, Kitchen on each floor etc.






















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Air Force ROTC
Arts, Languages & Philosophy
Biological Sciences
Business Administration
Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach
Center for Writing Technologies
Ceramic Engineering (Department of Materials, Science & Engineering)
Chemical & Biological Engineering
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science
Economics and Finance
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
English and Technical Communication
Geological Engineering (Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering)
Geology & Geophysics (Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering)
Geological Sciences & Engineering
History & Political Science
Information Science and Technology
Interdisciplinary Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering (Department of)
Mathematics & Statistics
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Military Science - ARMY
Mining Engineering
Mining & Nuclear Engineering (Department of)
Nuclear Engineering
Petroleum Engineering (Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering)
Regional Professional Development Center
Teacher Education Program
Writing Across the Curriculum Program

Courses Offered














































Fall, Spring/winter & Summer
Fall: June 15
Spring/Winter: November 15
Summer: April 1





















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