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Kettering University is a private institution that was founded in 1919. Kettering University is a university in Flint, Michigan, focusing on STEM and Business fields. It is named after inventor and former head of research for General Motors Charles Kettering. It places a strong emphasis on experiential learning and cooperative education, with undergraduate students required to complete a minimum of seven co-op terms to graduate. The entire Kettering community is focused on shaping the university culture that is based on a shared commitment to higher goals of learning.
















Location & Facilities

The University is located in Flint, Michigan, USA. The campus is located along the Flint River on property that used to be the main manufacturing location for General Motors. Kettering University is committed to designing and maintaining a caring environment that encourages academic success, individual respect, personal growth and responsibility to one's community. The mission of the University is to meet the ethical performance guidelines of the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International.






















Chemical Engineering
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Computer Science
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Industrial & manufacturing Engineering
Liberal Studies
Mechanical Engineering

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Application Deadline dates are:
Summer Term: March 15
Fall Term: June 15
Winter Term: September 15
Spring Term: December 15





















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