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Dowling College is a private co-educational liberal arts college with three campuses spread across United States. The college's main campus in Oakdale, New York Dowling College is an independent comprehensive educational institution in the liberal arts tradition whose mission is to provide our students with a well-rounded education based upon innovative teaching, informed and engaging research, and a commitment to democratic citizenship with a community service component. The college upholds its educational mission through teaching, learning and researches.
















Location & Facilities

Dowling College is located Long Island, New York, and the United States. Dowling has to offer as a regionally, nationally and internationally recognized educational institution. Dowling provides excellence in education by fostering an environment of collaborative learning and open academic inquiry in small classroom settings. The students are reported to be extremely satisfied with the availability and expertise of their professors.






















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Dowling College is made up of four schools:
School of Education
Dowling's Bachelor of Arts degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Elementary Education and Bachelor of Science degrees in Physical Education, Special Education and Sport Management prepare students for career paths in Education. Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Education degrees are also offered for students looking to advance their career Dowling's Graduate School of Education is ranked within the top 20% of colleges and universities nationwide.

School of Arts and Sciences
The School of Arts of Sciences has three divisions: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences & Mathematics. The School of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, along with a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies, Master of Science degrees in Environmental Microbiology, and Integrated Mathematics and Science Education.

School of Aviation
The School of Aviation offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Aerospace Systems Technology, Aviation Management, and participates in the FAA Air Traffic Control Collegiate Training Initiative program which is the primary source for hiring air traffic controllers. The School of Aviation maintains a fleet of aircraft which include nine Piper Warriors, an Arrow, and a twin engine Seminole.

Townsend School of Business
Townsend School of Business offers Bachelors of Business Administration degrees in Accounting, Finance, Management and Leadership and Marketing. Bachelor of Science degrees are also offered for Computer Information Systems and Sport management. In addition to the school's undergraduate programs, Masters of Business Administration degrees are offered in Aviation Management, Banking and Finance, Management and Leadership, Healthcare Management, Corporate Finance, Public Management, and Information Systems Management. As well, Dowling College and Touro Law Center have partnered to offer a dual J.D. /M.B.A. degree.

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