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There are several part time employment opportunities available in Germany, whereby
• Students can work upto 20 hours a week during term time and full time during vacations.
• Can earn around 6 - 8 Euro per hour i.e. approx. 500 - 700 Euro per week (Rs. 40,000 - Rs. 50,000).
• Can work full time during vacations.
• Students can also look up part-time job openings in local newspapers and job shops as well as the Universities and Colleges career cells where information is available about such vacancies.

Employment in Germany
One year job search visa after graduation.

Job prospects in Germany
Germany is home to various Noble laureates and education, Science and Research being the prime focus of the country; it is a leading choice for a person to grow professionally in any engineering or scientific discipline. The country also boasts of many of the fortune 500 country companies. With a strong economy and growing infrastructure, there is a constant demand for able professionals. According to the German Engineer’s Association (VDI), vacancies for engineers have risen by 30%.



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