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International students enrolled in Singapore's public universities and polytechnics as well as foreign institutes of higher learning are allowed to work part-time up to 16 hours per week during school term. They need to obtain prior permission from the Student Liaison/Affairs Office of their respective institute. They can work full-time during vacations. The International students enrolled in the Private Education Organizations are not allowed to work part time during their course.

International students who graduate from Institutions in Singapore enjoy a choice of career options, with great demand for qualified individuals in talent-hungry Singapore. In Singapore, exciting jobs can be found in media, hospitality, hotel and catering, information technology, design, banking, engineering, nursing, telecommunications, marketing, healthcare and many more. Not surprisingly, students can use their Singapore education as a springboard to a great career both in and outside of Singapore.

Job prospects in Singapore
Being considered as the financial and service hub of South East Asia, Singapore is equally prominent as any European country. The country homes people from all over the world making it a favorable place to live. Also, being a global hub, the companies in Singapore seek open minded employees.



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