Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) was founded in 1973. MIS is the one place that connects you to the largest fraternity of sales and marketing professionals in Singapore. The Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), a not-for-profit organization, is the National Body for Sales and Marketing. Over the years, MIS has nurtured more than 50,000 sales and marketing practitioners through its professional learning and development programmes and provided ample networking opportunities for thousands of members through its diverse series of events. Through the regular, high-quality networking events it organizes, the Institute has become a hub where marketers congregate, network and exchange knowledge. Whether you are looking to expand your network of like-minded peers, or keen to build your knowledge in the dynamic field of marketing, the institute has the connections to steer you and your organisation in the right direction.

Located strategically at the heart of South-East Asia, Singapore has long been considered the quintessential gate between the East and the West. Small as it may be, Singapore holds many unique discoveries waiting to be uncovered by the intrepid explorer. Amidst city skyscrapers and modern buildings, historically-preserved century-old shop houses stand as a memorial to the era gone by. Walking through the streets of Singapore, you will find a brilliant blend of ethnic cultures and heritage, cuisine and the arts, activities and attractions, all within the island's sunny shores. Conveniently located near MRT stations and hotels, MIS has more than 20 training rooms to suit your diverse needs. Rooms are available in various layouts and come equipped with audio visual equipment's.

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