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What is the time frame for the admission & visa process?
Undergraduate applications are generally assessed quickly in 3-5 weeks time wherein PG applications could take 4-8 weeks for processing. Visa procedures for New Zealand are quick, where New Zealand Information Service supports decision of positive profile students in 15-20 working days.

Are there any part time work opportunities available to foreign students?
Students are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours per week. Students find work in restaurants, on farms etc. Wages range from NZ$ 9-12 approx.

What are the stay options in NZ?
A written guarantee of accommodation is required before a student visa can be granted. Some institutions may be able to arrange residential accommodation for students who are not staying with relatives or friends. However, you may wish to arrange accommodation for yourself. You should indicate whether or not you want assistance in finding accommodation when you apply to the institution.

Are defendants allowed to come along?
Your defendants, who may include a spouse, de facto spouse, fiancé(e), and children, may accompany you to New Zealand or join you later. They must apply for and meet the normal requirements for the type of visa required (visitor, work, or student). School aged dependents will be required to pay full fees for enrolment in primary and secondary courses of study.
I have a student visa and now my spouse wants to accompany me. Can He / She apply for a work visa?
Your spouse can apply for a work visa only if you are doing a post graduate course in NZ or you are studying a course towards qualifications in Long term Skill Shortage List.

When will I get my 12 month job search visa?
You are eligible to apply for 12 month job search Visa within 3 months of the date of completion of your course in NZ

What would be my next visa status after job search visa?
If you get Job offer in your relevant area of study then your visa status could be converted to Work Permit or Permanent Residency on your Eligibility based on the Skilled Migrant Category at that time.



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