Education System


New Zealand higher education has 10 levels of study with level 1 being a certificate and level 10 a doctoral degree. Each level is progressive. Below are the levels and their corresponding qualifications:

• Certificates: Levels 1-4
• Diplomas: Level 5 & 6
• Bachelor’s degrees/ graduate Diplomas: Level 7
• Honors Bachelors’ Degree: Level 8
• Master’s Degree: Level 9
• Doctoral Degree: Level 10

The levels of higher education are further explained below:
Undergraduate level
An undergraduate course in New Zealand can be between 6 months and 4 years depending on the specialization selected by a student. There are around 44 universities offering 540 undergraduate programs offering ample options for students.

Graduate level
Graduate courses in New Zealand are equivalent to Master’s Degree and can be of 2 years duration. Few courses also have compulsory internship and thesis. The country offers varied range of courses to choose from. There are a wide variety of specializations with more than 500 courses.

Doctoral level
A doctoral degree in New Zealand is of three years duration in the fields like Engineering, Education, Arts and Science.

Eligibility to apply to universities in New Zealand
The academic year in New Zealand is from mid/late February to early November. Most of the universities in New Zealand have two semesters with a four week holiday in June. While the operating dates of various universities vary, roughly, most of the intakes happen in February, July and sometimes in September. Once you have evaluated and decided on the universities where you would like to apply, you can begin with the application process, which primarily comprises of three steps:

• Application Forms through email: You can complete your applications online at the university website.
• Application Forms through Air Mail: Another way is to send out a request for application material by airmail. You should accompany your request with a brief description of your educational background, academic objectives, proof of financial support, English proficiency and standardized test scores.
• Download from University's Official Website: You can apply to a university through a downloadable and ready to print versions of the online application forms on the net. These can be used for applying just as regular forms.
• Coaching centers: The last option is to approach coaching centers and consultants based in India.
The documents required for admissions in New Zealand universities include resume, statement of purpose, mark sheets and certificates of X, XII, till Graduation or relevant degree transcripts in specific cases, certificates of extracurricular activities and passport copy, birth certificate and two reference letters from colleges and employers.

Relevance of degrees from New Zealand in India
New Zealand is one of the popular education destinations for Indian students. A degree from New Zealand is of high repute and will get you a respectable work profile back here in India. However, it is always advisable to check the validity of a degree.



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