Industry / Employment


There could be job openings for international students in the following industries:
Agro industries
Metal and engineering products
Electrical machinery and equipment
Chemicals petroleum
Fishing etc.

Despite being amongst the smallest countries in Europe, the Netherlands has always maintained a strong economy. That means plenty of job opportunities for overseas students staying in the Netherland for their studies, who need to self-finance their programs.

Job market in the Netherlands
The largest sector in the Netherlands is business services, which accounts for approximately two-thirds of its gross domestic product (GDP). Nearly 80% of the Dutch workforce is in the services sector, involved in areas such as transportation and financial and business services. The agriculture and food sector is a vital part of the Dutch economy, with the Netherlands exporting three-quarters of its agricultural produce. The Netherlands is Europe's largest producer of natural gas, with some of the world's biggest chemical companies also based there.



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