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There are nearly 50,000 international students studying in the Netherlands. The admissions calendar usually opens in September or October for the following year i.e. September 2012 for entry in September 2013.
The entry process at University Colleges is completely different as prospective students have to attend an interview in person. University Colleges are much smaller institutions with smaller limits to student induction. The deadline for submitting an application varies from University to University and also between EU and non-EU applicants. Typically courses which are subject to Numerus Fixus will have an earlier application deadline as entry to these courses is determined by lottery.
Typically students should apply to University Colleges in time for a January deadline. Applicants may then be invited to interview in February. Contact the university directly.

They will then advise you of the best way to apply. Although there is a centralized admissions service in the Netherlands, it is not always necessary to apply through it in the first instance. Study Duration in the Netherlands is similar to other popular study abroad destinations:
Bachelor’s Degree (BA, BSc, BEng): 3-4 Years
Master’s Degree (MA, MSc, MEng): 1-2 Years
PhD: Four years



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