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Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, dating back to the early 1900s. Saxion therefore, has a rich history. A strategic merger of two educational institutions, the Hogeschool Enschede and Hogeschool Ijselland, in 1998 led to the birth of Saxion University.
















Location & Facilities

The Saxion campuses are located in the beautiful eastern part of the Netherlands, in the Old Dutch cities of Deventer, Enschede and Apeldoorn. Saxion offers a broad range of courses at various levels, including many international programs. Although students are responsible for their own study process, they get lot of advice and support from their tutors. The study atmosphere at Saxion is friendly, multicultural and open.






















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

• Bachelor in Hotel Management
• Arts & Technology
• Business
• Engineering
• Gaming
• Health Centre
• Hospitality
• IT
• Language training
• Law
• Life Science
• Psychology
• Social Work
• Textile & Fashion
• Urban Designing

Courses Offered




























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